Frequently Asked Questions


Can I customize the look of my application?Yes. Customization options are available within the application settings menu, however when your public site is hosted with Webauthor, you can fully customized the look using our Content Management tools.
Does Webauthor offer custom website design?Yes. Our design team collaborates with you to create a unique custom design that is suitable to your business.
What are the steps for my website design?Our experience indicates that every business requires custom requests for website design and functionality. We approach each design project based on specific requests and unique needs to develop customized concepts.


Does Webauthor offer personnel to handle monthly website changes?Yes. While our applications offer an intuitive nature, we realize companies may require turn key solutions due to lack of technical personnel. We can assist you.
What if I need an additional feature added to an existing application?While Webauthor offers more features and flexibility than most online business tools, we are always adding new functionality, primarily from direct client and customer feedback. We encourage our clients to make requests and submit proposals for custom functionality via our Support Center.
Where can I find tutorials on each of the applications?Once logged in on your site, you will see a button located in the header called "Support Center". You will find many tutorials and FAQs related to each of the applications we offer.


Does Webauthor All-In-One integrate with existing software?Yes! We have worked with many of our clients to integrate with their existing system. Please contact us to discuss your specific business needs.
Does Webauthor offer additional customized marketing campaigns?Yes! We have design and marketing experts that will work with you in promoting your specific campaign.
Will Webauthor handle the transfer of data to the new platform?Depending on your business and data, we can help you migrate your existing data. We also provide different option in many of our applications with file upload features.


Does Webauthor offer domain registration and hosting?Yes. We can register your particular domain or manage the transfer of your existing domain to our servers.
Does Webauthor provides multi-factor authentication?Maintaining secure access to your critical data is one of our primary concerns, which is why we not only offer the multi-factor authentication but we encourage our clients to take advantage of this feature we provide.
What is the average setup time for applications?Webauthor's base platform is activated immediately upon sign up. If your individual application requires customization, development timeline will vary based on your particular needs.

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