Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Greater Value

Track, Manage, Deliver.

From start to finish, Webauthor's high-performance Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the ideal platform to track and manage customer interactions along the complete relationship lifecycle. Access to automated sales logic, marketing intelligence, and critical profile data delivers increased sales potential and value-based customer acquisition.  


Maximize Your Return on Investment.

CRM directly impacts revenue with a raised awareness of customer purchasing patterns, lowered costs of relationship data management, improved productivity measures, sales forecasting, and removal of operational pain points.  Increased sales are the direct result of systematic processes which help predetermine needs and expedite fulfillment through value. Bottom line, implementing a well oiled Client Management System is a key tool for driving sales.


Extend Your Reach.

Developing effective marketing strategies is centered on accurate knowledge and understanding of your customer base. Through recording relational preferences, purchasing patterns, product likes and dislikes, location, and even age or gender, you can easily build a clear marketing path specifically tailored to fit their profile.  Start understanding your audience and break the code to extending your marketing reach.

Customer Data

Build Relationships.

With Webauthor's CRM, quickly create new contacts including profile picture, customer type, projected business interest, field type, and a host of other details to easily manage all business relationships.  Stay organized, track tasks and events, forecast future sales, secure customer data, implement organization contests, review history, check status, measure results and do it all from one location.

Experience the difference for yourself.