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Webauthor's Blogging Platform was developed to deliver extreme value with a comprehensive approach to reader engagement and delivery. Built with a direct emphasis on readability, simplicity, and usability - this all-in-one platform combines the essentials for the reading and writing experience while also featuring intuitive design components and marketing touch points such as opt-in boxes, lead page generation, conversion metrics, sharing and comments. Your audience is waiting.

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Engage your market with full freedom of expression and delivery of added value.  The flexible Webauthor Blogging Platform allows the entire team to contribute for maximum collaboration toward building extended relationships. Boost your site traffic and brand loyalty with industry insights, reports, and perspectives that position your company as forerunner. 

Deliver Value

Create a Conversation.

What good are words if no one is reading them? Tracking conversion and measuring page statistics is essential to evaluate and determine effective content placement. Analyze and adjust each post with accurate understanding of exactly what your marketing is looking for, thinking and expecting for the next move.   

Improve SEO

Leverage Content

Looking for improved SEO?  Leverage content for organic page rankings and take advantage of keywords, comments, and sharing.  Implement strategic SEO efforts while solving problems and gaining traction through value based engagement.     

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