Think People

Intelligent Platform

Webauthor's Communities application offers the ideal environment for organizations to communicate, network, and collaborate.  Designed to deliver a dynamic, multi-functional intelligence platform, Communities unites partners and operates as the centralized hub for knowledge management.   


Team dynamics.

Whether stationed at home, at the office or on the go, Webauthor's Community Platform allows you to simply sign in, connect and collaborate.  With versatile options to create public or private groups, you now have capabilities for real-time document sharing, messaging, and project tracking to inspire innovative think groups, creative circles, and planning panels. Communities brings people together to share ideas, feedback and solutions that benefit the entire team and result in better performance.

Information Management

What you need, when you need it.

Instant access and immediate availability to company resources is just the beginning. While information retrieval plays a key role of on-demand access and performance acceleration, information management is a critical component for optimal output and requires an intuitive yet structured framework. Getting more done, in less time and with less effort requires a platform designed to meet your needs at every turn. 

Experience the difference for yourself.