What can FLEX do for you?

Collect, Organize and Share your data with anyone, at anytime, anywhere.

FLEX is a revolutionary online business tool that equips organizations to design, build, and implement customized online applications to meet virtually any demand.

The built-in adaptive intelligence of FLEX gives you the power to create endless possibilities. Automate daily tasks, design custom forms, launch training programs, amass data, track and record client activities, generate robust reports, collect and store files, track project status, and record time just to get started.

With FLEX, the sky is the limit allowing you to tackle anything from IT Asset Management to Merit Increases, from On-boarding to detailed Event Management. Plus, there’s no need to go outside of your organizational resources to customize and create your ideal application.

Pre-Built Templates

Creating base templates allows you to save on time and creative energy by selecting from pre-defined fields for data collection within a few clicks.

Workflow Design

Let our workflow designer handle the heavy lifting for you. Automatically assign tasks and create an approval process to manage your projects. Stay on track with our built-in notifications and system alerts.

Rule-Based Fields

Apply pre-set or custom business rules to build dynamic forms that respond based on user input. Conditional formatting and validation allow end-users to see only the fields they need to fill out, ensuring the right information is collected the first time around.

Custom Functions

FLEX custom functions allow you to integrate virtually any business logic into your application.

FLEX Features

FLEX combines your database with a toolbox of endless possibilities to run your organization.

Use FLEX Forms to create and manage surveys, assessments, questionaires and spreadsheets.

Easily import and export data using existing spreadsheet formats, which are simply converted into live online forms for instant updates, collaborative revisions, and departmental review. 

Ask any question, collect organizational data, and capture real-time results.

PLUS, view it all on your mobile devices – the possibilities of data capture are virtually endless.

Key Features:

  • Security groups to control access to features and functions
  • Unlimited formatting options
  • Over 25 different form field types
  • Hide/show fields based on different events
  • Make fields required/optional
  • Show hints on fields and set default values
  • Use simple/complex formulas to restrict data or populate a drop-down list
  • Force data to be in a specific format

FLEX Timesheets offers simplicity, ease of use, and the flexibility for recording, reviewing and reporting timesheet data.

Key Features:

  • Set security controls for access to features and functions
  • Keep track of staff and employees working hours
  • Access data charts and graphs to monitor trends or patterns
  • Group employees by a variety of schedules or special requirements
  • Create department, division, and group workflows
  • Approve or reject timesheets and leave requests
  • Customize notifications and alerts
  • Use data grids and dashboard to filter, sort and group timesheets or personnel

FLEX Invoicing transforms the management of accounting tasks into one simple platform to organize, streamline and track the billing cycle.

Key Features:

  • Organize expense accounts, sales, and receipts.
  • Security groups to control access to features and functions
  • Workflow that can be set up by department/division/group
  • Notifications that can be customized for your organization

FLEX BI (Business Intelligence) offers the robust combination of custom designed dashboards with self-designed reporting, all while amassing data to provide useful information to share knowledge in the workplace.  Empower users, site administrators, IT, IS, and HR departments to easily gather and mine organizational data using on-staff resources.

Key Features:

  • Security groups to control access to functions
  • DB Explorer for those staff who have a level of comfort with databases and their structures, this feature can be used to see the Tables, Views, and Stored Procedures of the database.
  • Create simple or complex Data Sources to gather data directly from the database that supports the website
  • Create end-user friendly Datasets, or reports, that are customized to the Organization’s needs.
    • Bar charts, pivot tables, tree maps, geographical maps, line charts, and raw data are just a few of the available display options
    • Select which fields to see on the display
    • Filter the display by one or more criteria
    • Shadows, borders, colors, labels, tooltips, number format, and legends can all be customized

Manage contacts, organizations, partners, vendors and suppliers with the #1 tool of chioce, Webauthor’s FLEX (CRM) Customer Relationship Management.  Easily access dates, opportunities and important details to maximize the client lifecycle, streamline operations and boost results.

Key Features:

  • Security groups to control access to functions
  • Real-time tracking of activities (e-mails, phone calls, notes, etc.) on any number of entities (Organizations, Agreements, Contacts, Audits, etc.)
  • Calendar tool to see what’s upcoming
  • Custom Notifications – uses templates that the Organization designs to fit their needs and can be scheduled to be sent to anyone using triggers and events that take place
  • Robust reporting capabilities (see Business Intelligence section)

FLEX Campaigns unlocks your sales potential with leveraged creativity, metrics, and automation. Launch successful campaigns with the easy-to-use toolkit that scales with company growth and audience dynamics. Trigger automated responses with a personalized newsletter, email, sales letter, or announcement and transform the relationship of your marketing and sales force.

Key Features:

  • Security groups to control access to functions
  • Customizable notifications and target groups
  • Schedule Campaigns
  • Real-time data monitoring

FLEX LMS empowers organizations to create, implement and manage ongoing training programs. Equip and develop skilled staff and employees while tracking progress and analysis of results. FLEX LMS scales to any number of users and deploys organization wide in minutes with easy access from any device. 

Key Features:

  • Real-time course registrations
  • Calendar feature to keep track of all locations, dates and times of all trainings
  • Attendee status per class, along with Attendee demographics
  • Meeting Rooms and Equipment
  • Instructor data
  • Wait List functionality
  • Subscriptions and integrations with popular calendar software (Google, Outlook, iCal and iPhone)

Simplify your event planning using FLEX powerful data collection. Create repeatable events, track registrations, manage attendees, and monitor real-time data to ensure a smooth process every time.

Key Features:

  • Reserve seating
  • Automated reminders
  • QR Code for each check-in
  • Participation engagement metrix
  • Payment processing

Connect and Access From Any Device

The demand for mobile access to organizational data is on the rise. FLEX is formatted for instant access from any mobile device.

Discover The Power of FLEX

Start using FLEX today to transform the way your organization manages information.

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