Who We Are

We offer competitive advantages at your fingertips. Simple solutions that revolutionize how you do business. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Developing custom web-based environments for the global community since 1995, Webauthor.com deploys internet based applications designed for real people just like you while elevating the overall web based experience.


Leading the way to tangible solutions for common challenges defines Webauthor.com as a forerunner in a progressive virtual platform.


Leverage, productivity, communication, and cost are among the leading focal points of nearly four decades of experience at Webauthor.com. Creating innovative world-class web services with the end user in mind, both domestically and internationally, is at the core of Webauthor's success.

Mario Rodrigues CEO

Webauthor.com's founder, president, and primary source of technical creativity, Mario Rodrigues, continues to influence and initiate premier web based directives that shape how companies access and view their online experience.

Ld Schneider COO

With over 35 years of management experience in marketing, advertising and sales management, Ld (Co-founder of Webauthor.com) leads pioneering business initiatives necessary to offer only the latest advances in technology and branding.

Gisela Meyer CTO

Creating locked-tight code and integrated design comes second nature to Gisela. This allows her to contribute her vast experience along with landmark creativity to every project. Her comprehensive attention to detail is the difference between good and the very best.

Team Specialists Webauthor Resource Branch

We believe the only way to achieve great results is by working with a great network of professionals. Resourcing specialist in high-level design construction, module development, and advanced application environments ensures a comprehensive approach to every project within a timely manner.

What We Do


Our enterprise applications are designed to perform across a variety of corporate networks, intranets or the internet while meeting strict requirements for security and administration management. We understand the necessary nuts and bolts required to protect your company while building ground up applications to suit any need.

Small Business

You know all of that stuff that makes your business run smoothly when it comes to the internet - Mobility, accounting, employee tracking, document exchange? Well that is what we design, build, and manage so that you can focus on doing what you do best, grow your business.


Sustainable value is an objective for every company. Webauthor.com bridges the gap by improving customer relations and sales through easy to use, smartly designed, and totally integrated web elements. We are commissioned by market leaders to develop and maintain pivotal functionality that positively impacts bottom line results.

What They Say

Having worked closely with Webauthor in four different organizational settings in the past decade, I've seen the ongoing dedication to exceeding expectations. Webauthor's approach is very flexible and the technology is highly customizable. This has allowed us to develop tools and resources that have consistently led in our industry, resulting in a technology competitive advantage.
Pam GrosickiA.J. O'Connor

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At the end of the day, we want to find out exactly the same thing as you - do we have what you are looking for. Send us a brief message so we can connect and discuss your project details.

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